Sometimes life is giving hope and sometimes don’t


It has been a couple months since one of a professor from NUS told me that I may join his research there. I am really appreciated for that and prepare everything that I could prepare far away from my plan go there in January 2017.

Taking this opportunity is dealing with many activities in my life. I have to resign from the place that I teach, suspend some projects and deal with my current job. Everything needs to be prepared and I do my best to do so. I remember a quote “humans can only strive and pray, but Allah who determines”.

I just got an email from a professor from NUS that he could not keep his promise that I might have an opportunity to enter NUS, so do NTU. I do not feel sad at all, but I believe that there’s something that Allah wanna teach me.

“Sometimes Allah does not give something that you want, but always give something that you need. Keep positive and spirit because something beautiful will be happen tomorrow in your life.


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