TOEFL-Ibt writing​ exercise 1


Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why?


I totally agree that young children should not use smartphone on their age. For two aspects. The first I will be more talking from the psychology and healthy aspect. First, young children still could not differentiate the good things and the bad things. On their age, children will accept everything that they see. For instance, two years ago I introduce an N-gage, one of variant of smart phone at that time. I installed numerous number of game applications and messaging. At that time, whenever she touch the smart phone, show would use it until the cell phone power getting low. In addition, she always spend hours to play with that. One thing make everything be worse is that I install some war games on the N-Gage and she played it. Hence, the game affect her psychology like being more rude and hard to be advise by my mom. Second, children will spend more time to play the smart phone rather than play outside home. This is one of the vulnerable of smart phone to them. On children age, it is the most essential steps to be grow, in medical we call it golden age. The golden age is the best period to be grow. In this period, children should be playing, running, stepping and many motoric excercise to do. When children already have smart phone on their age, they will be more passive and unwilling to move even only from their chair or bed. For instance, Jane, my 3 years old youngest sibling. Her father has introduce a tablet android on her 2 years old. Even though actually her father want to teach her some alphabet and number, but Jane surpass it in short time. She knows those a month after the first time her father gave the smart phone to her. But the impact is that she be easy be sick. Because she only play her tablet and dislike taking excercise or play outside with their friends. In conclussion, every parents hope that their children will have excellence brain and easy to contact. However, the impact is more harmful compare to benefit it self. children could not filter every content inside the smart phone. She still could not differenciate, which one is good and not good. In addition, giving smart phone to the children also vulnerable, because it will danger her health and exhibit their golden age. All and all, it would be better to do not give smart phones to young children.




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