Best paper list

homepagecarroussel-research11Talking about research, we have to have a clear picture what is the direction in our research. Sometimes it forces you to change your direction to help you navigate your future.

It would be awesome to have the best paper list on a research area that you interested in. I provide some reference that could help you find the best paper in computer science.

  1. Jeff Huang site
    This is very interesting for me because it provides the best papers list for each area in the top conferences. We could see the trends and buzz words based on the site. You may find the page on this link.
  2. Mendeley most cited paper:
    Mendeley is one of the common tools that used by academia. you could find the most cited paper based on Mendeley users on this link.
  3. I also found a question related to the best paper in computer science in Quora. You could find the quora thread on this link.
  4. The last but not the least is a Wikipedia. There’re long list of papers that people thing that it one of the important paper. You may find the page on this link.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, this content will be useful you and myself!



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