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  1. Undo every change that you don’t want to commit to the server.
    svn revert -R folder
  2. Add folder or files.
    svn add -R foldername
  3. Change permission files in svn(enable executable)
    svn propset svn:executable on <list of files>
  4. Change permission files in svn(disable executable)
    svn propdel svn:executable <list of files>
  5. See some part of file content in the previous version.

    svn cat -r 666 file | less

  6. next

source 2,3 []

surce 4, []




  1. How to understand basic usage of table in latex source
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Stunning idioms and vocabularies that I found on my reading list

  • spend yourself in a hole (idiom): spend too much that leads to heavy debt
    – Some people spend themselves in a hole because they can’t control their shopping habits.
  • out of shape (idiom): in poor physical condition
    – I have to start exercising because I’m so out of shape.
  • sky-high (adjective): very expensive
    – Prices for houses in this area are sky-high, so I’m going to look for an apartment for the time being.
  • cut back on (phrasal verb): to reduce
    – I have to cut back on the fatty foods I’ve been eating.
  • rebate (noun): a refund of part of all of the amount paid
    – The company offers a fifty-dollar rebate on the purchase of a new cell phone.
  • nationwide (adverb and adjective): happening around the nation or country
    – The cell phone company is promoting their services nationwide.
    – That company offers nationwide cell phone coverage.
  • roll over (phrasal verb): transfer or carry over
    – This is one of the few companies that allows you to roll over your minutes to the next month without losing them.


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The standart applications for programming and research in ubuntu

Welcome to my post about ubuntu. I have been working with ubuntu for several years. It would be ridiculous thing if the system got an error and could not be repair. That problem happens to me for several times and really spends umpteen times to lookup my documentation and surfs to create a solution for some errors. In this post, I would like to list all of my basic applications that usually I install in the fresh Ubuntu.

  1. Guake, Guake is a user friendly terminal for ubuntu. The installation is very easy, you just need to open terminal and type this command in your terminal.
    sudo apt-get install guake
  2. Sublime text 3, This is a text editor that I really love. I install sublimetext-3 with simply command below. For detail installation you can use this reference.
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer
  3. Install svn
    sudo apt-get install subversion
  4. Install Apache
  5. Install virtualbox
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox
  6. Install Phpmyadmin
  7. Install git
  8. Gnuplot (done)
  9. LatexLive, this is quite big. The installer is about 2 GB. I follow the instruction from this.
  10. No need configuration ssh (yeey)
  11. Okular (done)
    sudo apt-get install okular
  12. Install Laravel, found the best way in here.
    sudo curl -sS | sudo php
  13. Install skype, here
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​Morning Reflection

When I was child, I wish that when I grow up, I will be an Soldier. I love to be soldier because they are strong, discipline and have value in the community. They spend myriad time to exercises and prepares when a war happen someday in the future. I always imitates all things related to soldier, such as uniform, bag pattern, shoes, hair style and many others aspect of my life. I keep this wish until I entered fist year in the university.

After I entered the university, I involved numerous organizations in my daily life. I was organizing events, lecture assistant, religi organization and mentorship to be entrepreneur. Then I thought that I need to change my dream. After I thought many time, so I decided to change my dream to be an Entrepreneur. The reasons I change it because I wish that I can achieve financial free in my 30 years old. I pushed my self to be entrepreneur, I started my own business and did many action to achieve it. I felt myriad time, I fooled by my friends, not paid for a project, and many others evidence that prove a business is not easy. I keep doing this until I graduated to the university.And finally, I decided my self to start working in a company after graduated because I realized that entrepreneur need more preparation.

I learned that after I grew up, I choose strategic decisions by the experience. In contrast, When I was child, I can freely choose my dream and never think how hard to achieve it. Nothing wrong with my dream on those time. Both of those decision was very good. The essential of this life is live the life. We are navigating this life, we can keep update the goals of our life. But we still need to keep unbounded mindset seems like when we were child. Nothing impossible in this life. Because a smooth seas never made a skilful sailor. Keep fight!

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Sharing Session Indonesia Mengglobal

I learned many things from this program. Start from planning until concerning to survive abroad, and learning

Note for Tua. 
I pursue to take a computer science at a university  in U.S. I had joint Tua’s session yesterday. I feel Tua’s session really have a great impact to me especially when he explained types of financial aid such as Research Assistant, Teaching Assitant and Government scholarship.
Now, I have a clear picture and understanding kind of financial aids.I also know the implications if I take one of those financial aids. This is very crucial information for me. so that I would not take the wrong financial aid which have a different goal with me. Thank for sharing with me.
Note for Brian.
Based on the sharing session I really get so many insight especially to choose a sponsor. Before joining this session, I only concern two funding providers which is Government and a university financial aid. You explain one more options which is company funding. Overall, I really happy joining this session and thank you so much for the sharing.
Note for Ari,
I really enjoy this session because you spread out a joyful session. Things that I learn from you are calm for every condition and the power of “kepepet”. When you was telling your story about applying LPDP and applying the universities,  I saw both of it only has limited time, but you can keep calm and do things right. I learn that when we are doing something, do not rough, and enjoy the process. Thank you for sharing your experience, it is very valuable for me. Thanks!
The big thanks for you, Martin!
This program very useful…

from Mentors. Here are one of my feedback from “My story series” from Indonesia mengglobal.








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Syair Imâm asy-Syâfi’i: “Selamat Tinggal Rasa Malas”

We need this when we feel bored with the daily life


Imâm asy-Syâfi’i rahimahullâh berkata dalam syairnya:

تَصَبَّرْ عَلَى مُرِّ الجَفَا مِنْ مُعَلِّمٍ ** فَإِنَّ رُسُوْبَ الْعِلْمِ فِيْ نَفَرَاتِهِ

“Bersabarlah atas pahit getirnya jauh dan asing dari Sang Guru ** Karena bersemayamnya ilmu (di dalam hati-pent), diraih dari talqîn dan penjelasan Sang Guru (maka janganlah berpaling darinya-pent).”

فَمَنْ لَمْ يَذُقْ مُرَّ التَعَلُّمِ سَاعَةً ** تَجَرَّعَ ذُلَّ الجَهْلِ طُوْلَ حَياتِهِ

“Barangsiapa belum pernah merasakan pahitnya menuntut ilmu walau sesaat ** Ia kan menelan hinanya kebodohan sepanjang hidupnya.”

وَمَن فاتَهُ التَعليمُ وَقْتَ شَبابِهِ ** فَكَبِّر عَلَيْهِ أَربَعاً لِوَفاتِهِ

“Barangsiapa menyia-nyiakan waktu menuntut ilmu di masa mudanya ** Maka bertakbirlah empat kali  atas kematiannya (maksudnya: shalati jenazah orang tersebut, karena pada hakikatnya orang yang menyia-nyiakan masa mudanya, adalah orang yang telah lama mati sekalipun ia masih berjalan di muka bumi-pent).”


Penyair lain berkata…[1]

اُطْلُبِ الْعِلمَ وَلَا تَكْسَلْ فَمَا ** أَبْعَدَ الْخَيْرَ عَلَى أَهْلِ الْكَسَلْ

“Tuntutlah ilmu, dan jangan malas. ** Betapa jauhnya…

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Ubuntu: background cannot change on ubuntu 14.04

I have changed the background. But only login screen that display the new wallpaper and the background on each sheet still show the default background. here is the way to solve it.


gsettit org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.backgrounngs sed active true


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